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A: Looks like you are using a recent version of NPM i.e. 5.1.2. From my experience, it is always a good idea to read the error messages you get and try to figure out what is going on. The error you have (user@cloud:/$ npm start) says "cannot find module 'app'". That module is the result of a command you are trying to execute (here you can see it is a npm command). But before you try to resolve that you can have a look at this page which explains the structure of an NPM package in more detail. on.left) pos += im.shape[0] - self.width else: if self.clip_end!= None and pos > self.clip_end: print(pos - self.clip_end) return if self.clip_start == self.clip_end: return else: if self.clip_start > self.clip_end: print(self.clip_start - self.clip_end) def find_bbox(self, y0, x0, y1, x1): return y0, x0, y1, x1 Input:




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