Family Law

 Separation Agreement  
To avoid the stresses of family litigation, we encourage our clients to enter into separation agreements so that they can avoid the financially draining court process.
 Spousal Support 
We will tell you if you are likely to obtain an order for spousal support, and will assist you if you are looking to change current spousal support orders.
Whether you have been served with Divorce documents, or are considering it - we are here to assist you and inform you of your options.
Child Support 
You could be the payor or the receipt of child support and you may be seeking ways to reduce support or obtain it from the other party. Either way - we can help in all scenarios.
 Parenting Time 
We know the importance of spending time with your children after a separation. We are here to help you no matter what you're seeking assistance on.
 Property Division
Whether it's a house, a car, a bank accounts or simply a pet. We are here to tell advise you of your rights.

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