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Child Support in British Columbia

Separating from a relationship can disrupt the stability your child may have held and take a toll on their daily life for some time after a divorce. The impact on your child’s life should be minimized as much as possible and one such measure is child support.

Child support is paid to the parent with whom the child resides with most of the time or in the event of equal shared parenting, the individual with the higher income will be responsible to pay child support to their ex-partner.

Following a divorce, it is the responsibility of both parents to provide financial aid for their child and this must be determined prior to the divorce being finalized.

Every child is entitled to child support while they are under the age of 19 or beyond that if they are unable to care for themselves due to disability or continuing education.

Child Support in British Columbia is calculated by using the formula encompassed in the Federal Child Support Guidelines.

Split custody households have an offset payment rule in which the payor is responsible for paying the difference between the two child support sums. If the payor of child support has an income in excess of $150,000 the court uses formulas in the Federal Child Support Guidelines tables to determine an appropriate sum of support; beyond this, the court can determine what is a reasonable payment based off of multiple factors if the calculated payments are unreasonable.

Special and extraordinary expenses are additional costs outside basic living expenses that can add on to child support paid if your child partakes in community sports leagues, daycare, private tutoring, etc. Other factors considered in calculating child support are the number of children, location of the family or the amount of parenting time each parent has. The online BC child support calculator is a great tool to determine a ballpark estimate of the support sum, however, keep in mind there are factors that can influence this amount.

In an ideal situation, you and your former partner can come to a mutual agreement and determine child support payments. However, if this is not applicable to you, contact one of our family lawyers who can guide you through the court process and ensure you and your child’s interests are represented as best as possible.

Want to calculate your child support obligation? Check out the 2017 Child Support Table Look-Up from the Justice of Canada Website:

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