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Shared Parenting Arrangements in British Columbia

Shared parenting is usually the best arrangement for all children... usually.

The onset of a divorce can carry adverse effects on the children of your marriage if parental responsibilities are not carried out adequately. Shared parenting is one option for you and your former partner to ensure your child’s needs are met so they can prosper in a nurturing environment. This requires you and your former partner to create a parenting plan and adhere to it. Failure to comply or regularly deviate will require the court to determine the best course of action. As a result, shared parenting works best if both parents are able to communicate and act in a civil manner.

In British Columbia, shared parenting constitutes a minimum of a 60/40 time split between both parents over the course of one year. This refers to the minimum number of hours the child is required to be under your supervision and not your spouse, including school hours, time sleeping or extracurricular activities during your allotted days.

Under this parenting arrangement, both parents are actively involved in the decision making process for the child when it comes to things such as education, health or religion while coming to an agreement to share holidays and other responsibilities; unless a parent is seen unfit to carry out their duties in the best interest of the child. In regards to day-to-day decision making such as food, the parent who the child is with has full discretion. This differs from sole custody where the primary caregiver is granted the responsibility to make decisions in the best interests of the child and the other parent has designated parenting time which limits their time and influence with the child.

There are various ways to create a shared parenting schedule that works best for both parents and the child; splitting time by days or weeks at a time. In an ideal scenario, both parents would live relatively close to one another to limit constant commutes and have quick support in case of emergencies.

There is no universal shared parenting plan that can be applied to your case. The purpose of shared parenting is to shelter your child from the stressful environment that often results from divorce and to provide them with a sense of security. Contact one of our qualified professionals who can cater to your specific situation to meet the needs of your child. Schedule a free consultation now by clicking Here.

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